Women’s Ministry

Abigail’s Heart Carol Jones – Visionary  

Mission Statement

Abigail’s Heart is to empower, encourage, uplift, and educate women with faith based tools to lead and live better lives.  Challenge participants in the areas of their character, integrity and faith. To solely rely and depend on the Word of God to heal past and present emotions that prevents women from moving forward in their lives.

Purpose of Abigail’s Heart

Provide a safe, prayerful place to seek encouragement in order to fulfill God’s purpose. Abigail’s Heart fosters learning and empowerment by working collectively and/or individually through group discussions.  Abigail’s Heart uses God’s word to enrich, motivate, heal, deliver and bring an overall well-being to God’s hurting women.

Concept of Abigail’s Heart

A virtuous woman looks well to the ways of her household. Abigail’s heart for God and her character far exceeded her natural beauty. When faced with a threat from David (because of her husband’s actions) she responded quietly. Wisdom, integrity, respect, and a soft answer were her weapons. It was her wisdom that what she did, she did herself. Abigail knew how to manage her husband’s situation more than any servant she had. She humbled herself, didn’t take offense to David’s threat. She didn’t wallow or take the time to get angry. She immediately prepared herself to atone her husband’s faults. She took the best she had and sent it ahead (Proverbs, 21:14, a gift pacifies anger.) She never operated from any other place than her heart. She possessed a heart for God to keep peace, a heart for her family, to save them from death. In saving her family she ministered to David as well. It was her character and integrity that caused David to marry her after her husband died. Abigail’s heart was her blessing.   Proverbs 4:23 – Guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.