Biography & Testimony

PastorLadyHomePic2Purpose and destiny is completely controlled by the sovereignty of God.  It is God’s divine sovereignty that purpose is manifested in the believer so God can demonstrate His restoration power.  My wife and I have experienced the awesome power of God’s sovereignty through reconciliation.  In the year of 2005, God restored us from divorce, family division and personal shame.  I believed God for materialistic blessings but I didn’t trust God to restore my marriage.  Once we completely accepted and understood our destiny, we surrendered to the divine will of God.  He restored our lives as well as our marriage.

Our lives have been designed to serve God and His people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The key word used is “Restoration”. We believe our lives will be a revelation to those that are suffering marital conflict and spiritual oppression. God can restore any one if you are willing to allow God’s sovereignty to rule your life. This is our personal testimony and proclamation.