Our Ministries

Below is a listing of our ministries for those looking to get involved. If there are any questions or you are interested in joining a particular ministry, please contact us for more information.

Family Life

Family Life Ministry

We believe Christian families are the foundation of the church.  Today’s generation has rejected family values and the Christian standards set by God, which has caused a separation gap.  Life Restoration Church will preach the Word of God to re-establish family values as well as teach our youth the values of family life.  I have enough faith to believe that God can redeem a family from the demise of divorce, marital separation, financial distress and personal conflict through the preached word of God.

Family Gathering

This concept will encourage unity in the family by planning family outings and talk sessions to address family issues.  Marriage is the first relationship that God ordained even before the church was established in the New Testament.  I believe that God loves and cherishes those who seek a Christian marriage.  The right foundation gives a Christian marriage longevity, stability and integrity.

The Circle of Love

This is designed to help a struggling marriage regain the values in the relationship.  We will design open talks about relationships, issues in the marriage, how to deal with those issues and how to resolve these issues during the marriage.  Individual and family sessions to build and restore those struggling in Marital conflictions.  (Relates to the eternal band of love given during a marriage ceremony, never ending and never broken love).

The Family Gathering

A Night Out with the Family

Monthly outings for the family to build unity.  Once a quarter, families will be invited to attend a social event designed by Life Restoration Church.  These events will be designed for the total family with an interest for every member of the family.  Examples: PS2 Tournaments, Bowling, Biblical Family Feud, Bible Spelling Bees and other events.

Teen Life Ministry

This area will deal with the teenager (s) and how we as parents can adapt to their physical, emotional and social changes.  These sessions are for both single family and multi-family groups.


  • Teen Sex
  • The dangers of Social Media (What to express and what not to express)
  • Dating at the right time
  • Parents – When to let go & trust our teenagers
  • Teaching life skills and what are they
  • How to communicate with our teenagers properly

Teen Expression

A rap session to allow teenagers the freedom of expression themselves and discuss today’s issues in society.  Economic, social and spiritual development is also the focus of the program.  Life skills – Teaching our youth how to manage, budget and deal with rejection of the corporate world.  Also we will create activities cultivated just for them.  Spiritual Dance, Free word (expression of poetry and/or spoken truth of the Word of God), Gospel Rap, Field trip outside Indiana.

Restoration Evangelistic

Restoration Evangelistic Ministry

There will be two components to the ministry.

Life Recovery Ministry

This area of ministry focuses on life challenging issues that may cause drug related abuse, domestic violence, prison confinement and/or homeless complications.  Life Restoration Church will unite with outside resources to provide the necessary assistant to overcome these issues faced by life challenging events.

Outreach Ministry

This ministry will partner with local outreach centers to assist with the material needs of that facility.  Hospital visits, nursing home follow ups, member prayer line via phone and home visits will be a vital part of this ministry.  We will provide necessities as needed throughout the year such clothes, food and personal items.  We will plan specialty services and/or functions to raise funds to assist in feeding the homeless during Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday.  Outreach is very important to any ministry especially to outside organizations that require additional aid.

Life Music

Life Music Ministry

Music has an important role in a Christian ministry.  This ministry will set the environment of worship and give those with musical knowledge the opportunity to utilize their gifts.  We use our praise team and choir to help set the atmosphere so God’s people will receive the word of God.  We believe the word God “Let everything that have breath praise the Lord”

Speak Life Youth

Speak Life Youth Ministry

Create and build an atmosphere that enhances the talents and abilities of our youth.  This ministry will teach Christian standards as well as spring board our youth into higher education through scholastic programs.  We design teen bible study and quarterly teen events that will inspire our youth.

General Programs

We will design other activities for the youth such as:

  • Spiritual Dance
  • Youth Basketball League
  • Student Bible Class
  • Jam Feast – a Youth Jamboree (Summer)
  • Speak Life Youth Summit (Spring

Children Church

Allows children to have a separate experience.

  • Kingdom Kids – Morning bible study ages 6 – 8
  • Sunday Morning Stars – ages 3 – 5

Scholarship Programs

Applicants will submit school transcripts which will be reviewed by a committee for final selection.  Once the final selections are made the applicants will receive an award submitted directly to the college of their choice.  If the student drops out before the school semester or he/she chooses not to attend the selected college, the award will be forfeited to a secondary selection.

  • The Life Scholarship – This cash award is granted to a high school student who achieves a GPA of 3.0 or better all four years during high school.
  • Willa Jones Scholarship – This cash award is granted to a high school student who achieves a GPA of 3.5 during senior year.

New Member Development

New Member Development Ministry

This ministry will focus on new member education regarding salvation, the four-fold ministry, Tithes, Offerings and Christian living.  These classes will consist of 4 sessions for an hour and each new member is required to complete these sessions.  This ministry will help the new members to understand their purpose as well as teach the Godly principles.

  • 4 week class for one hour or more based on the session
  • Certificate of membership and completion of new member class
  • Conduct and guideline for member working with a ministry
  • After completion of the new member class, that member will have the opportunity to join a ministry.
  • Certificates will be given upon completion of this class
  • New member must receive this certificate in order to serve in a ministry.
  • Perspective teachers preferred would be the ministers

Before You Say I do Classes

Before You Say I do Classes

This class is designed to teach and educate couples that desire marriage from the biblical concept. The eight week class will be set up for the couples to discuss difficult topics that may hinder the progress of their relationship.  The Before You Say I do work book will be incorporated as a study guide.  This class will require 8 weeks for completion.  Singles are welcome.


Women’s Ministry

Abigail’s Heart Carol Jones – Visionary 

Mission Statement

Abigail’s Heart is to empower, encourage, uplift, and educate women with faith based tools to lead and live better lives.  Challenge participants in the areas of their character, integrity and faith. To solely rely and depend on the Word of God to heal past and present emotions that prevents women from moving forward in their lives.

Purpose of Abigail’s Heart

Provide a safe, prayerful place to seek encouragement in order to fulfill God’s purpose. Abigail’s Heart fosters learning and empowerment by working collectively and/or individually through group discussions.  Abigail’s Heart uses God’s word to enrich, motivate, heal, deliver and bring an overall well-being to God’s hurting women.

Concept of Abigail’s Heart

A virtuous woman looks well to the ways of her household. Abigail’s heart for God and her character far exceeded her natural beauty. When faced with a threat from David (because of her husband’s actions) she responded quietly. Wisdom, integrity, respect, and a soft answer were her weapons. It was her wisdom that what she did, she did herself. Abigail knew how to manage her husband’s situation more than any servant she had.

She humbled herself, didn’t take offense to David’s threat. She didn’t wallow or take the time to get angry. She immediately prepared herself to atone her husband’s faults. She took the best she had and sent it ahead (Proverbs, 21:14, a gift pacifies anger.)

She never operated from any other place than her heart. She possessed a heart for God to keep peace, a heart for her family, to save them from death. In saving her family she ministered to David as well. It was her character and integrity that caused David to marry her after her husband died. Abigail’s heart was her blessing.   Proverbs 4:23 – Guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.


Men’s Ministry

Kingdom Men (Matt. 5:16)

The concept is to create teaching sessions for those who are looking to become the man that God is calling for.  Matt. 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.  The word light used in this scripture is referenced metaphorically as to God being the light.  Also it’s a reflection of truth and knowledge used together with spiritual purity.  Men must allow God to shine through them and teach other men how to do the same.

Using the bible as a guide to inspiration men to become:

  • Become men of God first, dealing with accountability and integrity
  • Create forums/sessions to teach/show men how to become Fathers and Husbands through the word.
  • Development sessions and open forum to discuss issues as well as collectively resolve those issues.
  • Mentor Program – Develop mentors from the group of men to help mentor the current youth in the church.  Also design an evangelistic mentor program for the re-entry program.
  • Men’s Bible study and open forum
  • Also partner with other organizations to help the Kingdom Men with their issues.

The Elders Circle

The Elders Circle

Minister Development and Training

I believe minsters are the watchman on the wall and they need to assist the Pastor and become the extension of his leadership.  The Minister’s Circle will also be an open forum to discuss the bible, sermon preparation, and allow other concepts to be discussed to advance the ministry.

Aspiring Ministers (Areas of Focus)

  • One to two years of training – required
  • Pulpit ethics & Develop Sermon Preparation
  • Read assigned material and submit an overview
  • Outreach involvement in the church
  • Time line: 2 yrs. aspiring, 2 yrs. Licensed and then the last yr. is their decision to remain with ministry or move on.
  • We will encourage continued education through other organizations as (Crossroads, New Wine Skins or online degrees and etc.) Possibly help fund the minister with their education

Experienced Ministers

  • Continued education through other organizations as (Crossroads, New Wine Skins or online degrees etc.) Possibly help fund the minister with their education
  • Outreach involvement in the church
  • Rotation of bible study, Sunday School and other possible teaching opportunities

Books and Other Materials for the Aspiring and Experienced Ministers

  • Purpose Driven Church
  • The Kingdom Agenda – by Dr. Tony Evans
  • The Wilkinson & BOA Bible Handbook
  • How To Study your Bible – Kay Arthur
  • Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance
  • Bible Dictionary
  • Nelson’s Minister’s Manual
  • Baker’s Wedding Handbook
  • Electronic and Hard copy version of the bible (King James and NIV)

The Leader’s Forum

The Leader’s Forum

Leaders in the church are important, but most importantly we have the responsibility to empower and teach potential leaders. The purpose of these sessions will teach leadership skills, development the leader so they can properly handle their position.

  • Leadership Book pending
  • Provide Leadership principles that will help that leader to become an effective leader
  • An overview will be turn in by each class member before the last class
  • Leadership Topics
    1. Do’s and Don’ts in the church??
    2. How to handle conflict within your ministry
    3. How to handle a negative member in your ministry
    4. How to express/communicate instructions from the Pastor to the ministry
    5. What is accountability to a leader
    6. Connecting your Spiritual leadership with your assignment as a leader


Finance Ministry

I believe God’s people should prosper and be in good health as we learn good stewardship. Most of the time we never learned the concept of stewardship, therefore we have made bad decisions regarding our finances.  LRC will assist those with the financial knowledge to gain housing through credit education and credit repair.

TLS Consulting will partner with us to accomplish this task.  TLS Consulting will provide:

  1. Credit Seminars
  2. Credit Counseling
  3. Prepare each member for home ownership through TLD Consulting program (3 – 9 months)
  4. LRC will provide the housing and the member will purchase the home from LRC
  5. Other programs will be provided at a later date